Wireless Bedwetting Alarm

A wireless bedwetting alarm is an effective tool in treating and ultimately curing enuresis. Using one of these bedwetting alarms is easy, but the cost isn’t always cheap and may turn some people away.

On this page, we will compare and contrast the different types of enuresis alarms, reveal the cost of a typical wireless alarm for bed wetting, and shine the spotlight on the Rodger Wireless Bedwetting Alarm System.

What is a Wireless Bedwetting Alarm?

The difference between a wireless bedwetting alarm and standard enuresis alarms is quite simple and pretty obvious: wireless systems do not include the cord that attaches from the sensory clip back to the alarm. Some wireless models are designed similarly to standard enuresis alarms, but the cordless systems provide enhanced alert methods and added security.

Another main and pretty glaring difference between the alarm systems is the price. While wired enuresis alarms generally start at a cost of around $50.00, wireless bedwetting alarm packages normally begin at $129.95 and can go as high as $200.00 or more.

So why such the dramatic price increase? Well, wireless systems are far less likely to be disabled by a child. However, monitoring the battery life of a wireless alarm is crucial to making sure they will be effective when they’re needed most.

Rodger Wireless Bedwetting Alarm System

The Rodger Wireless Bedwetting Alarm System is one of the most popular and most purchased alarm systems on the market today. The system has been around since 2003 and features a transmitter that works for up to 75 feet.

The Rodger Bedwetting Alarm System includes moisture sensing briefs, meaning parents can avoid the hassle of attempting to secure clips to standard underwear. The alarm itself can either be plugged in or use battery power to operate.

Customer reviews of the Rodger Bedwetting Alarm System have generally been positive. The all-inclusive package from Rodger typically begins at $129.95.