Bedwetting Alarm Reviews

When searching for the best bedwetting alarm, trustworthy and unbiased bedwetting alarm reviews are crucial when it comes choosing which version is best for you or a loved one. To determine what will work for your budget and your needs, you need honest, straightforward bedwetting alarm reviews to tell the whole story. The following bedwetting alarm reviews address the three main types of bedwetting alarms available.

Bedwetting Alarm Reviews: Wearable

The first in our series of bedwetting alarm reviews is wearable. Most wearable bedwetting alarms have a similar design. A sensor is clipped to the outside of a pair of underwear and an alarm is attached to the sensor around the shoulder area. If the sensor detects moisture, a vibrating or audible alarm will go off in an effort to wake the sleeping individual.  The alarm can also be set to both vibration and sound for added protection.


  • Lightweight Design
  • Comfortable
  • Affordability


  • Potential Ineffectiveness
  • Potentially Fragile Plastic Clips
  • Detachable Cord

Wearable bedwetting alarms can be a successful tool for treating enuresis, but they also have their drawbacks. The bedwetting alarms are unobtrusive, but the design also has a breakability factor and potentially could be disabled by the user at any time.

Bedwetting Alarm Reviews Score: 7/10

Price: $49.95 and $89.95

Summary: Likely the best bedwetting alarm for the money.

Bedwetting Alarm Reviews: Wireless

The next in the series of bedwetting alarms is wireless. The wireless sensor systems typically test well in alarm reviews by fellow consumers. Many call it the best bedwetting alarm available. Some models have a similar design to the wearable alarms, but higher end versions have no cord and a sensor that plugs into a wall outlet that must be physically turned off. Other types have a second sensor that a parent can take with them to be alerted if there is moisture.


  • Enhanced Alert Methods
  • Added Security


  • Cost Factor
  • Durability
  • Battery Life

Wireless bedwetting alarms do provide both the child and parents with enhanced alert and wake-up methods, but the cost is substantially higher. Because it’s wireless, monitoring the battery life is crucial to its effectiveness.

Bedwetting Alarm Reviews Score: 8.5/10

Price: $129.95-$189.95

Summary: Likely the best bedwetting alarm on the market.

Bedwetting Alarm Reviews: Bell and Pad

The final product in this series of alarm reviews is the bell and pad alarm system. A pad is placed underneath the individual while sleeping and a corded alarm will go off if moisture is detected. The alarm can be fastened to a bed rail or other nearby object in order to wake the individual


  • Easy To Use
  • Easy To Clean


  • False Alarms
  • Price

The pad’s size can protect the bed from moisture and it can be cleaned using regular household supplies. However, bedwetting alarm reviews discovered that any type of moisture, such as body sweat, could trigger false alarms.

Bedwetting Alarm Reviews Score: 7.5/10

Price: $84.95-$169.95

Summary: Best bedwetting alarm for special needs.