Talking to Your Doctor about Bedwetting

Many individuals or parents are reluctant to speak with their doctors about bedwetting, especially if it’s happening to an adult. This is quite common because people have been brought up to believe this is an embarrassing problem that you just need to “get over” or “learn to control”. The truth is that it’s not something to “get over”. It’s a neurological problem in the brain that doesn’t allow you to control your bladder as you sleep. It’s completely unconscious and unintentional. Whether you’re an adult or the parent of a child with a bedwetting problem, you should see a doctor right away for help. They can prescribe medication, rule out serious illnesses, and even give you tips on how to manage bedwetting.

Reasons to Talk to Your Doctor about Bedwetting

First and foremost, your doctor has seen a lot more embarrassing things than you asking how to manage bedwetting. They are medical professionals and understand this is a common occurrence among roughly 15% of all children and can even happen to adults.

In addition to understanding the situation and probably seeing it before, they can also prescribe you or your child with the proper hormone medication and information to help you understand and manage bedwetting.

Especially in adults, bedwetting can be a sign for a serious underlying illness that could potentially be life-threatening. These illnesses can include several types of cancer, a urinary tract infection, and even neurological disorders. These reasons are why it’s so important to overcome your initial feeling of embarrassment and see your doctor as soon as possible.

Finally, it’s always relieving to know you or they can do something to manage bedwetting. You have to remember, the only thing holding you back from being able to manage bedwetting is your own social anxieties. Your doctor has probably dealt with this problem before, but only you have the power and authority to make this change for the better.

Overcoming Societal Anxiety

Now that doctors have a better understanding about the causes of bedwetting, they have grown accustomed to handling this exact situation for years. While this problem may be new to you or your child, doctors have all the proper tools and knowledge to help you manage bedwetting. The only thing preventing you from learning to manage bedwetting is your own self-doubt. See your doctor today to get the help you need.