Bedwetting Diapers

Bedwetting Diapers

For parents who deal with children with bedwetting issues, few things are more frustrating than being awakened in the middle of the night to a wet bed. Luckily, a vast array of bedwetting diapers, waterproof underwear and bedwetting underwear is available. In this article, we will examine all three forms of bedwetting treatment. All three are relatively inexpensive ways of attempting to cope with and treat bedwetting.

While the use of bedwetting diapers may be best for some, it is best to speak with your doctor and loved ones when determining what you believe is the best course of treatment. Bedwetting diapers were once the only option, but advancements in technology, design and functionality leave the consumer with more choices and a better chance to cure bedwetting.  Coping with bedwetting isn’t easy, but one of these products may make it a little easier.

Bedwetting Diapers

The use of bedwetting diapers is a common strategy in the fight against enuresis. Diapers come in many styles and varieties and can be purchased nearly anywhere. As opposed to traditional diapers, bedwetting diapers are designed to be more absorbent for overnight use. The diapers are typically disposable and designed to feel as comfortable as regular underwear. In addition to the diapers for bedwetting, pads are also available to be placed in pants or underwear during the evening. These pads are designed to help avoid and eliminate urine leakage. The use of diapers can sometimes create controversy between a doctor and parents, but they can also be used as an effective treatment tool.

Waterproof Underwear

Another option other than bedwetting diapers is waterproof underwear. Many of these briefs are easy to disguise under normal clothing. They too also feature pads that will prevent leakage. The waterproof underwear is reusable and can be washed and dried in standard, everyday machines. Some types of waterproof underwear are made of vinyl while others use Velcro for easier removal and more comfort. Like bedwetting diapers, waterproof underwear is available for boys and girls, as well as men and women.

Bedwetting Underwear

Bedwetting underwear is vastly different from bedwetting diapers and waterproof briefs. Bedwetting underwear has the appearance of regular underwear but contains a device that senses when a child has to use the bathroom. An audible or vibrating alarm attached to the bedwetting underwear will sound if the sensor detects moisture. The hope is that over time your child will be able to get out of bed on his or her own to use the bathroom.