Bedwetting Pants

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Bedwetting is an all too common, yet sensitive situation. Many children will go through a phase of bedwetting. Sometimes, it can undermine their confidence and they can feel embarrassed and confused. Bedwetting pants are a common type of bedwetting product used to help children get through the bedwetting phase. They can also be helpful for adult bedwetting situations.

Bedwetting pants, or bedwetter pants, are essentially pants with waterproof protection. They provide the bedwetter with discreet protection for long-lasting use.

Best uses for these pants include:

  • Discreetness
  • Extra protection (can be worn over bedwetting diapers)
  • Easy to clean/washable
  • Re-usable
  • Long-lasting

The secret to these pants is a vinyl layer embedded within the cotton that helps to protect against urine or soiling. The cotton layers surrounding the vinyl pants help give the bedwetter a feeling of wearing regular underwear, all while knowing they are still protected in case of a bedwetting event. This also makes bedwetter pants good for both day and night time use.

How Bedwetting Pants will help your Child

If your child has grown out of diapers, then bedwetter pants are a great alternative to providing your child with comfort and growing confidence throughout their bedwetting stage. By wearing bedwetter pants, they can avoid feeling embarrassed if bedwetting occurs in public or social situations.

Bedwetting pants can also be used in conjunction with bedwetting alarms. Because bedwetting alarms activate when moisture is present, your child may continue “to go” once they’ve started. Bedwetter pants will provide an extra security measure against a damp, wet mattress.

Where to Buy Bedwetter Pants

There are a plethora of useful bedwetting products such as bedwetter pants on the market today that have helped many children and adults overcome bedwetting. Bedwetter pants are one of the most commonly used items to help bedwetting problems.

You can find bedwetter pants in specialty retailers, department stores or through an online retailer. A typical pair of bedwetter pants can cost $20.00 on average, depending on tax and shipping fees. Most retailers will carry bedwetter pants including:

  • Bedwetting pants for boys
  • Bedwetting pants for girls
  • Disposable bedwetter pants (bedwetting diapers)