Malem Bedwetting Alarm

malem bedwetting alarm

If you are considering the Malem bedwetting alarm, it’s likely you are trying to cure bedwetting once and for all. The bedwetting alarm produced by Malem can be a great tool, but there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure the alarm’s success.

What is a Malem Bedwetting Alarm?

The Malem bedwetting alarm is a tool used by many parents to help rid their child of bed wetting. The bedwetting alarm from Malem detects moisture and activates when urination begins.

The alarm is attached to a child’s underwear or pajamas at bedtime. When the sensor detects moisture an alarm will sound.

What Makes an Enuresis Alarm Effective?

It takes more than simply clipping on a bedwetting alarm from Malem. According to the makers of this enuresis alarm, your child must be ready to begin the curing phase. This means he or she must want to be dry.

If your child wakes at the sound of the enuresis alarm, ending bedwetting will be much easier. However, if your child or teen is a deep sleeper, parents will have to take a more active role in ensuring the bedwetting alarm from Malem works as intended.

If your child doesn’t wake when the alarm goes off, that means you’ll have to get up and wake him or her mid-stream. Typically, parents only have to wake the child during the early stages of treatment.

How to Use the Malem Bedwetting Alarm

Using the enuresis alarm is as easy as attaching the Easy-Clip Sensor to your child’s underwear or pajamas.

  • Attach the Malem Bedwetting Alarm to the Easy-Clip Sensor
  • For Vibrating Alarms, Attach to the Upper Body
  • Insert the Sensor Inside Absorbent Pad and Anchor with Clip (for standard sensor only, not Easy-Clip)

The Malem bedwetting alarm is easy to use and can help your child break the cycle of bedwetting. Remember, you may need to help wake your child during the early stages of treatment, so be prepared to wake up during the night.