Vibrating Watch

vibrating watch

Vibrating watches are often used for timed voiding, which is the emptying of the bladder on a regular basis, typically a fixed time interval. After proper diagnosis of a bedwetting issue with a doctor, the doctor may recommend the use of a vibrating alarm watch to proactively remind the bed wetter to go to the bathroom. A vibrating alarm watch can be programmed to remind the bed wetter at specific time intervals. In addition to managing urinary incontinence, a watch is often used for reminders to take medication or daily vitamins, check blood sugar levels, appointments, etc.

How a Vibrating Watch Can Help your Child

The beauty of the vibrating watch for bedwetters is that it allows for discreet reminders to go to the bathroom at specific times or fixed intervals. Most watches feature both vibrating reminders and/or an audible beeping or sound alerts, and are designed to look just like regular watches so that there’s no need to feel embarrassed or worried that people will know what it’s used for.

The vibrating watch is a great solution to regulating urinary incontinence in children, especially when parents can’t always be around. A vibrating alarm watch can remind your child when it’s time to go to the bathroom during school hours, when they’re out playing on the weekends or at sleepovers at a friend’s house. You may be surprised at how a simple reminder from a vibrating watch can help your child with bedwetting.

Using your Vibrating Alarm Watch

Using a vibrating alarm watch for timed voiding is easily implemented. Once you have discussed bedwetting issues and the need for a timed voiding program with your doctor, you can create a schedule using a watch for your child to follow daily.

Things to consider when buying a vibrating alarm watch:

  • Alarm Type: The alert system you choose has to be one that works with your child. Most vibrating watches have both vibration and sound alerts. Some children will respond better to audible sounds while others may prefer the discreet vibrating feature. You will also want to take into account how long an alert lasts (in seconds) before purchasing your vibrating watch.
  • Style & Functionality: Choose a vibrating watch that your child feels comfortable wearing, but also gets the job done. You’ll want to consider what type of wrist strap would be most comfortable (e.g. leather, Velcro, etc.) and whether or not you’ll need a waterproof or water resistant vibrating watch.
  • Price: The price range for vibrating watches can run from $30 to $80 and above. Make sure to check customer reviews and product details before purchasing your vibrating alarm watch.

You can set your vibrating alarm watch to go off at specific times (e.g., 11:00am, 12:15pm, 3:30pm, etc.) or at specific time intervals (e.g. every three hours). You can also set your vibrating alarm watch to send a discreet vibrating reminder, an audible sound reminder or both. Alerts in a vibrating alarm watch can vary from 5 to 20 seconds or more, and most vibrating watches feature multiple built-in alarms.