Disposable Bed Pads

disposable bed pads

Bed wetting pads are one of several bedwetting solutions that parents turn to in order to manage bedwetting problems in the home. Many parents suggest using disposable bed pads or waterproof bed pads to help with bedwetting in children. Bed wetting pads are also useful for adult bedwetting situations.

Bed wetting pads are a great safety net for protection against dampness, stains and hard-to-remove scents on a mattress, which could cost hundreds of dollars to replace. It is an easy, preventative step to help solve bedwetting in the home. If you’re in the market for effective bed wetting pads, consider purchasing bed pads that are disposable or waterproof bed pads.

Disposable Bed Pads: Convenience Factor

Disposable bed pads provide a quick, hassle-free solution for bedwetting, especially when traveling or if you’re just beginning bedwetting treatment with your child. Having a supply of bed pads that are disposable will come in handy on your next family vacation.

Bed pads that are disposable are typically made with adhesive that can be applied to multiple bed sizes, chairs and sofas, and even car interiors. Bed pads are also designed for absorbency and have a built-in waterproof barrier to ensure that any resting spot stays dry.

The pros of using bed pads include:

  • Disposable
  • No clean up required with disposable bed pads
  • Disposable bed pads stay in place with adhesive
  • Absorbency is high with disposable bed pads

Waterproof Bed Pads: Maximum Moisture Protection

Waterproof bed pads are a long-lasting preventative solution for bedwetting; they can provide a layer of breathable, waterproof protection for your mattress. Waterproof bed pads are a great solution for people of any age with bedwetting incidents. Often considered a ‘mattress saver,’ waterproof bed pads are an effective way to keeping your mattress clean and incident-free.

The pros of using waterproof bed pads include:

  • Protects against stains and odors
  • Easy to clean/washable
  • Hygienic
  • Re-usable
  • Can provide extra comfort
  • Can help protect from bed sores

Waterproof bed pads fit comfortably over any mattress and can last for several years without needing replacement.