Talking to Your Child about Bedwetting

Bedwetting can be a very sensitive topic to bring up to a child. Depending on their age, they may feel alienated or ashamed because their friends don’t use diapers anymore. There is a right and wrong way to talk to your child about this bedwetting problem and it’s key that you’re supportive and honest about what’s going on. Having the right attitude can make all the difference in encouraging your child to understand the problem and make the process a lot easier on both of you.

Making Your Home a Safe Place for Child Bedwetting

The problem is not your child; it’s bedwetting. With child bedwetting, you need to avoid punishing or insulting your child in any way. The best thing you can do, as a parent, is be supportive. This problem is often caused from a neurological issue that corrects itself as they grow older. Blaming them for what is happening could potentially worsen bedwetting on a psychological level and even prevent them from getting over it.

You should also prepare them for a bedwetting accident, but make sure they understand why you’re putting in extra sheets or why they have to continue wearing diapers. Simply by knowing the cause of child bedwetting, they will become more adept at handling any bedwetting accidents in the future.

Learning more about child bedwetting will also encourage them to take more responsibility on themselves and away from you. Creating drinking and bathroom schedules for the day and cleaning up any accidents will make them better able to handle accidents away from home and give them more confidence throughout the day.

If you have multiple children, you need to make sure they know what’s going on as well. Make sure there is no teasing either. Name calling and bullying from a sibling can be just as damaging as it would be coming from a parent.

Key Details of Child Bedwetting

The most important thing to remember is that in most cases they will grow out of child bedwetting, you just need to be patient. Making them comfortable and secure at home will allow your child to take on more responsibility and have more confidence that they will not wet the bed. In addition, take any necessary steps to make clean up easier, such as using child bedwetting diapers and sheets.