Bed Wetting Causes

bed wetting causes
Bed wetting causes cannot be attributed to a specific condition. In fact, it is quite a normal part of growing up for many children. It’s very rare that bedwetting is a symptom of an underlying illness or disease, although it can be a warning sign in a very small percentage of instances. The primary bed wetting causes in children are much more simple. Some children are unable to hold their bladder throughout the night. A full bladder isn’t enough to wake a child from deep sleep. A chi...

Is Your Child a Bedwetter?

bedwetter story
A Typical Scenario between Parents, their Child and a Wet Bed (the Tale of a Bedwetter) Sammy has grown out of diapers; she’s a bright, fun and energetic girl and loves taking on the world day by day. She has no problem staying dry during the day, but after she goes to bed at night there’s a wet bed by morning. She was in a deep sleep and didn’t even know she wet the bed. Sammy is a bedwetter, but she isn’t alone. This common occurrence is known as bedwetting in children. It is so common that ...

Bedwetting Help: Support for Parents & Kids

bedwetting help and treatments
Bedwetting help is available for parents and children dealing with this common issue. It's important to know which type of role you will take when addressing the issue of bedwetting. There are typically two types of treatments. Supportive Curative Supportive: It's always best to start with the supportive treatment method, especially if your child is younger than 8 years old. Aside from exceedingly rare occasions, your child wetting the bed is not caused by a medical condition. Choosing ...