Bedwetting Medication

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Bedwetting medication is an option available to those parents who are dealing with a child battling enuresis. There are various different types of medication that can be prescribed. They all work in different ways and come with varying side effects.

Prior to using any type of medication for bedwetting, be sure to receive a thorough and detailed explanation from your doctor about all the potential risks and side effects associated with medication for bedwetting. The use of bedwetting medication is not uncommon, but here’s what you should know before visiting your physician.

Types of Bedwetting Medication: Desmopressin

Desmopressin is one of the most popular types of medication for bedwetting prescribed to children today. Also known under the brand name DDAVP, Desmopressin can help regulate the body’s urine production and help produce less urine during nighttime hours.

Desmopressin is most effective when used for a short period of time. Discontinuing the use of Desmopressin could potentially lead to further bedwetting. While it generally works in the short-term, this medication for bedwetting generally will not completely cure enuresis.

Types of Bedwetting Medication: Tofranil

Tofranil, which is also known by the generic name Imipramine, is another common medication for bedwetting prescribed to children. Tofranil is an antidepressant that was approved by the FDA as a enuresis medication in 1973.

The enuresis medication works by relaxing the bladder and allowing it to hold more urine. Tofranil is also used to treat depression and sometimes in combination with other medications to treat chronic pain.

Tofranil and DDAVP are the two drugs specifically approved as bedwetting medication by the FDA.

Types of Bedwetting Medication: Ditropan and Levsin

Some other brands of medication for bedwetting include Ditropan and Levsin. These types of medications work by reducing unwanted bladder contractions. Dry mouth and constipation are some of the side effects reported in connection with this enuresis medication.