Bed Wetting Solutions

bed wetting solutions

Finding the right bed wetting solutions depends on a number of factors. Treatment plans will vary depending on age, medical conditions and mental health. Children typically overcome wet beds naturally; so frequent urination usually isn’t cause for alarm.

For the vast majority of cases, the best bed wetting solutions are patience and understanding. Up until the age of 8, wetting the bed is a natural part of growing up that in most instances does not require any type of medical or psychological treatment as one of the bed wetting solutions.

It is rare that solutions require medical attention, but parents who are concerned about potential medical issues should consult a physician to rule out any ailments that could be causing urination during sleep. In the case that a medical issue is to blame, your doctor can help you find the right bedwetting solutions.

In this article, you’ll find some of the more common bed wetting solutions being employed today. Read on to learn more about some of these solutions.

Bed Wetting Solutions for Young Children

It’s important to remember that wet beds are just a part of development for many children. Even after children are potty trained, their bladders are still developing and the sensation of a full bladder may not be enough to wake a child from deep sleep. Therefore, bed wetting solutions may not be effective at a young age.

With this in mind, parents are encouraged to pursue solutions that let your child’s natural development take its course. Such methods would involve taking measures to avoid reactions that could cause feelings of embarrassment or shame in a child. While it can be frustrating dealing with a wet bed, negative reinforcement is never one of the healthy bed wetting solutions.

With children under the age of 9, take steps that will make the cleanup easier, such as investing in absorbent mattress pads, wetting diapers or waterproof underwear. Be sure to show some positive reinforcement on the dry nights, and don’t make a big deal out of the wet ones. The solutions in this case will come with time.

Most parents find they don’t need to pursue more aggressive solutions because the issue works itself out as children age and develop more control over their bladder.

Bed Wetting Solutions for Older Children and Teens

Once a child reaches the age of 9, many parents decide it’s time to take more aggressive measures with bedwetting solutions when a number of issues still persist. Bed wetting solutions take a more active role and aim to make the bed wetting solutions permanent.

  • Wetting the bed still occurs consistently
  • Urination during sleep stops for months, only to reoccur
  • Wetting leads to social anxiety and embarrassment

When this issue persists, many parents decide it’s time to stop pursuing the passive bed wetting solutions in favor of seeking out bedwetting cures. These bedwetting cures can come in different forms depending on the specifics of your situation.

There’s never a one-size-fits-all bedwetting solution and it may take time and experimentation before you find the bedwetting cures that work for your child.

A common first option for those considering bed wetting solutions would be alarms. Moisture alarms are triggered when urination begins during sleep. There’s a lot of evidence that indicates many parents have found alarms to be effective bedwetting cures.

Other times, the issue may be carrying on because of stress in a child’s life such as a recent move or the divorce of parents. Often, stress triggers lead to secondary nocturnal enuresis – which occurs after a child or teen has stopped wetting for months (even years) and suddenly starts again. Traditional bed wetting solutions have less of a chance of success under these circumstances.

The bed wetting solutions for this type of wetting won’t come overnight. It’s often a matter of counseling and psychological treatment to help the wetting stop. This is one of the most effective bedwetting cures for children or teens with nocturnal enuresis.

It’s important to weigh all your options when looking at bed wetting solutions. There are also medical options and bedwetting solutions, which have been one of the effective bed wetting solutions for some, but the medical route doesn’t always work for everyone. Seeking out natural bed wetting solutions is typically a good idea as your children are still growing into their teenage years.

Bedwetting Solutions: Finding a Balance

Bedwetting cures will not come overnight and measures to find bedwetting solutions quickly should not impose too much on your child’s life. Even when more aggressive bed wetting solutions are needed, try only one of the proposed bedwetting solutions at a time so you can effectively rule out which bedwetting cures are not working.

With patience, support and positive reinforcement, you can help you child overcome the wet bed through these bed wetting solutions and bedwetting cures.

Bedwetting Solutions for Grown-Ups

Bed wetting solutions are also available for grown-ups and we have a complete section dedicated to finding bedwetting cures later in life. Many people don’t know that 2% of adults are impacted by enuresis  – but there are bed wetting solutions out there.

Bed Wetting Solutions: Conclusion

Many parents and children are actively seeking bedwetting solutions and it’s nothing to be ashamed about. Perseverance is perhaps the most important quality, no matter what kind of bedwetting solutions you decide on.

If you are interested in learning more about bed wetting solutions and which bed wetting solutions will provide the best chance of success for your family, feel free to visit some of the other pages on this site. We think you’ll find some great bed wetting solutions and bedwetting cures that will have a high probability of success in your situation.

We hope to help you make the most of your bedwetting solutions so you and your children can focus on the best parts of growing up.