Enuresis Definition: Bedwetting

Enuresis, commonly known as bedwetting, is medically defined as the lack of control of urination or urinary incontinence. In other words, it is involuntary urination or more simply put, the inability to control when you pee. Bedwetting often occurs during one’s sleep cycle, and is a more common than thought occurrence in children. Though it is more commonly seen in children, adults can also succumb to bedwetting. A once or twice occurrence of soggy sheets is not an indicator that a child or adul...

Adult Bedwetting

Adult bedwetting information
Adults who wet the bed may feel like they are alone in their struggle to wake up dry, but that simply isn't true. In fact, adult bedwetting affects between one and two percent of Americans, whether due to genetics, physiological causes, or illness. Read on to learn more about this very common condition. Adult Bedwetting Known as nocturnal enuresis, bedwetting is not unusual in children and some teenagers. Some people simply do not "grow out of it," continuing to wet the bed as adults. Some adu...

Understanding Bed Wetting

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Understanding bed wetting is the best hope for seeing dry nights in your child's future. For parents, it's easy to get frustrated with a child's bedwetting, particularly after the child reaches a certain age. It's important to understand that bed wetting is a natural part of growing up and many children learn to control their bladders before the age of 8. Yet for plenty of children, it may take a little longer. Some parents become desperate in their quest to find wetting cures, but rest as...