Bedwetting Medications

There are two types of medications that you can use to help manage bedwetting. There are over-the-counter medications and ones that are prescribed by a doctor. There’s also a large variety of over-the-counter medications and supplements that are available online to help control bedwetting. Although, a good number of these supplements receive negative or mixed reviews on sites like The medications prescribed by doctors see the most success and are highly effective. Below is a list of ...

Bedwetting Advice for Parents

As the parent of a child that’s started bedwetting or “enuresis”, it can be an awkward topic to bring up. This is especially true when you have to help your child deal with the messy situation. The most important thing to remember is to proceed with support and kindness. You don’t want to upset your child or worry them unnecessarily. Below is a list of some bedwetting advice to help you understand the problem and ways you can help your child through it. Bedwetting Advice and Tips The most impo...

Adult Bedwetting as a Sign of Health Issues

As an adult struggling with bedwetting, it can be embarrassing to ask for help. However, it can also be a sign there is something wrong with your health. You should never be afraid to ask someone for help, especially your doctor. Bedwetting in children is common, but for an adult, it can be a sign of a serious health risk. See your doctor right away if you abruptly start experiencing adult bedwetting or “enuresis”. What Health Risks are associated with Adult Bedwetting As stated above, adult b...

5 Reassuring Facts about Bedwetting

If someone you know is struggling with bedwetting, know they’re not alone. If this is something that just started for your child, it can be frightening when you don’t know what’s going on or how to handle it. You should know that bedwetting is pretty common and doctors have a good understanding about bedwetting and how to treat it. You don’t have to live in fear of this problem any longer; there are plenty of options out there to help. Facts about Bedwetting The most significant thing to kn...

What is Enuresis?

enuresis facts
What is enuresis? As defined, enuresis is the inability to control urination, especially during sleep. it is more commonly known as bed wetting or urinary incontinence. On this page, we will examine the different types of enuresis and what you can do to treat the problem. What is Nocturnal Enuresis? Nocturnal enuresis is urinating involuntarily while asleep after the age at which bladder control has usually occurred. There are also two types of the nocturnal isue: primary or PNE and secondary ...

Bedwetting Advice and Tips

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The issue of bedwetting is a common problem. Yet sometimes it can be difficult to find good bedwetting advice. Here, you can find some tips and bedwetting advice to help you to deal with a problem that is more prevalent than most may think. Bedwetting Advice: You’re Not Alone If you are dealing with a child battling enuresis (repeated involuntary urination while asleep), do not feel alone. People seek advice for dealing with bedwetting every day and it’s nothing for you or your child to feel a...