Bedwetting Alarm Reviews

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When searching for the best bedwetting alarm, trustworthy and unbiased bedwetting alarm reviews are crucial when it comes choosing which version is best for you or a loved one. To determine what will work for your budget and your needs, you need honest, straightforward bedwetting alarm reviews to tell the whole story. The following bedwetting…


Bedwetting Alarms

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A bedwetting alarm is a device that wakes children up the moment they begin to wet the bed. An alarm is a moisture sensor that goes in a child’s pajamas and is attached to an alarm. When the sensor detects moisture, the alarm sounds (or vibrates, depending on the model being used). This will wake…


Wireless Bedwetting Alarm

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A wireless bedwetting alarm is an effective tool in treating and ultimately curing enuresis. Using one of these bedwetting alarms is easy, but the cost isn’t always cheap and may turn some people away. On this page, we will compare and contrast the different types of enuresis alarms, reveal the cost of a typical wireless…


Malem Ultimate Bedwetting Alarm


What is the Malem Ultimate Bedwetting Alarm? The Malem Ultimate Bedwetting Alarm takes the popular features of its standard version and adds vibration. One of the complaints with the standard version was that even a loud alarm failed to wake deep-sleeping children once they started to wet the bed. That meant parents would have to…


Bedwetting Medication

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Bedwetting medication is an option available to those parents who are dealing with a child battling enuresis. There are various different types of medication that can be prescribed. They all work in different ways and come with varying side effects. Prior to using any type of medication for bedwetting, be sure to receive a thorough…


What is Enuresis?

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What is enuresis? As defined, enuresis is the inability to control urination, especially during sleep. it is more commonly known as bed wetting or urinary incontinence. On this page, we will examine the different types of enuresis and what you can do to treat the problem. What is Nocturnal Enuresis? Nocturnal enuresis is urinating involuntarily…


Malem Bedwetting Alarm

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If you are considering the Malem bedwetting alarm, it’s likely you are trying to cure bedwetting once and for all. The bedwetting alarm produced by Malem can be a great tool, but there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure the alarm’s success. What is a Malem Bedwetting Alarm? The Malem bedwetting…


Enuresis Treatment


Finding the right enuresis treatment approach is critical to putting an end to the long nights bed wetting creates for you and your child. Advances in technology have made it so that there likely is a form of treatment that is right for everyone. On this page, we will explore different forms of enuresis treatment,…


Bed Wetting Causes

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Bed wetting causes cannot be attributed to a specific condition. In fact, it is quite a normal part of growing up for many children. It’s very rare that bedwetting is a symptom of an underlying illness or disease, although it can be a warning sign in a very small percentage of instances. The primary bed…