Bedwetting Prevention Advice

Most parents don’t know what to do when they hear that there is no instant cure for bedwetting. It can be upsetting news. This problem is messy and embarrassing for both you and your child. However, you need to be strong and supportive at this time in your child’s life. This is a time to help them through bedwetting and give them the tools necessary to eventually overcome the bedwetting altogether. In most cases, bedwetting is caused by a simple neurological problem that doesn’t allow the brain to control the bladder while they sleep. Your child will grow out of this, it just takes time. This doesn’t mean you’re powerless to help, though. There are many tips and strategies to make bedwetting prevention easy for both you and your child.

Common Bedwetting Prevention Tips

Start by becoming more organized. Having a structured routine will help a lot through this difficult time. You will want to reduce your child’s fluid intake a few hours before bedtime. You should also set up a bathroom break schedule throughout the day and right before bed. This will ultimately limit the amount of fluid they can produce while sleeping.

Make sure your child knows the importance of getting up at night if they have to use the bathroom. Don’t emphasize too much pressure on having a “dry night”. Getting up to use the bathroom in the middle of the night is an equally important goal.

You also want to make these nightly bathroom trips as simple as possible. Make sure they have easy access to the bathroom at night (leave the doors open, chart the fastest route, change their rooms), anything you can think of to make it easier.

Another element of bedwetting prevention is creating a reward system for your child to show your support. You can reward them with snacks, toys, trips, or anything they enjoy. It’s just positive incentive so they actively try their best to stay dry.

Finally, the bread and butter of bedwetting prevention are all the amazing products out there to help manage bedwetting. The most commonly used items are bedwetting sheets and diapers for older children. Another great item is bedwetting alarm clocks. These alarms monitor the wetness levels of your child’s bed and create a noise if your child starts to urinate. All of these products are relatively cheap and make bedwetting prevention much easier.

Following these bedwetting prevention steps will make this time in your child’s life a lot simpler and dryer in the long run.

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