Bedwetting Advice for Parents

As the parent of a child that’s started bedwetting or “enuresis”, it can be an awkward topic to bring up. This is especially true when you have to help your child deal with the messy situation. The most important thing to remember is to proceed with support and kindness. You don’t want to upset your child or worry them unnecessarily. Below is a list of some bedwetting advice to help you understand the problem and ways you can help your child through it.

Bedwetting Advice and Tips

The most important and fundamental thing to remember as you support your child through bedwetting is that the problem is often neurological. What commonly occurs while your child is sleeping, their brain simply can’t control their bladder. As your child grows older, they begin to develop the necessary functions to control it. It’s as simple as that, you just have to wait through it.

Bedwetting Advice While Waiting it Out

Bedwetting advice begins and ends with making you and your child comfortable through the process.

Ignore any negative comments from friends or relatives that advise against the continued use of diapers or rubber sheets. You might feel socially compelled to stop “encouraging them” or “babying them”. However, as stated above, bedwetting is not the result of behavioral treatment. You need to make the bedwetting situation easier on your child first. Use diapers and various other products out there until these neurological processes develop.

Another thing you shouldn’t do is keep your doctor out of the loop. Most people don’t like to give out this type of information, including to their doctor. Although the most common cause of bedwetting or “enuresis” is a simple neurological development delay, it might be something more severe or something your doctor can help with, let them know either way.
Some simple bedwetting advice you should also consider is cutting out caffeine from your child’s diet and limiting their liquids during the night. This will help to reduce bedwetting and cause less “occurrences” in the long run.

Over the last few years, one of the greatest breakthroughs has been bedwetting alarms. These devices detect when your child starts to wet the bed and immediately wakes them up. It can be a little annoying at first, but a lot less than having to clean up a mess. Bedwetting alarms are available anywhere online and can come relatively cheap ($100 or less).

The most important bedwetting advice to remember is that your child’s feelings come first. In most cases, bedwetting will pass. You just have to be patient and use the above strategies to help them cope with it.

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